Event palming tips

Being an event organizer will take you on all the flanks, as the diversity of projects you can participate in is great. Weddings, commercial events, product launches, corporate parties … Yet there is another very interesting activity center dedicated to businesses. This division mainly includes team-building activities, incentive operations, and animation activities. It is precisely these different activities that we will describe to you.

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Team building activities

First of all, what does it mean, because this term comes from English and means “teaming”. But what can team building serve?

The goal is very simple and consists in strengthening the links of a team; of event companies   create cohesion between its members to install a favorable climate between them through Team building workshops. You will probably wonder why to organize such events. It turns out that companies rely heavily on agencies to set up these activities in order to solve their internal communication problems or to stimulate their staff. Stress, solidarity among employees, development of common values or corporate culture, are the points on which Team building activities will be focused on creating a healthy and supportive environment for creation.

Incentive seminars

The seminars incentives in these times of crisis are highly sought after by companies. The incentive comes to us from English and means motivation. The purpose of these seminars is to stimulate a team through activities outside the company to increase their productivity. We can think of the incentive seminar that it is an extension of the team building activities, because indeed, the incentive will help strengthen the communication, the staff will have a good time, will get to know each other and at the same time The company will be able to reward its employees for their work and their involvement