Fixing Your Water Damaged iPhone

So you have dropped your new iPhone from the bathroom, had a swim with it on holiday or allow it like a twist in your washing machine. How you are feeling when you found your water damage out. As you think it is been damaged beyond repair, shock, disbelief and despair taking into consideration the amount you will need to pay out to replace your cell phone. First thing was to check and tested out all. Below will explain the best way to undertake your own water damage.

Determine your iPhone water damage

Your iPhone’s water damage depends upon how long and how much it is been in the water. If it falls into the water and you take out it is going to be on the majority of the time. Turn it off immediately when it is. If it gets stuck on the pinwheel when the house button is held by turning off and it will turn off. It is going to have closed down by itself, when your iPhone has been in the water. Whatever you do not turn the iPhone on at this moment.

Take your sum card and perform initial drying of your iPhone

Pop out the sim card casing using the iPhone repair toolbox that came with your iPhone or a paperclip and leave it to dry along with your sim card. Next wash your iPhone dry as great as possible and take a paper towel. Gently shake the water drops from your device. For those who have a hair dryer turn it on low heat significant  and blow dry the simcard opening, headphone jack and the pier link on the bottom for around fifteen minutes. Do not turn your iPhone on yet.

The iPhone rice tip

There will be a whole lot of moisture in your iPhone care of cannot be taken by your blow dryer. This technique takes discipline and patience but is very important for recovering your phone. Take some raw rice or any silica gel sticks and put it along with your iPhone within an airtight place, like a ziplock bag. Store all of it in a warm place and leave it there for a few days to a couple weeks depending on the amount of water that your iPhone has consumed. The Silica packs will absorb the remaining water out of your iPhone.

Plug it and take it when your iPhone was for a period of time in rice. Based on your iPhone’s status you may see either a low battery icon that a link to iTunes emblem, meaning that your iPhone has to be restored, or nothing. Do not be afraid to leave your iPhone in rice because there could be some water when no screen comes up. When no solution is still formed by this, you can opt to disassemble your iPhone drying and drying the internals.